When traveling, picking the right hotel is already a chore. Finding the right location at the right price and accommodations that will please your family or friends is just another daunting task to add to that list. If you’ve never stayed at a boutique hotel before, you probably don’t know what sets us apart from other hotels, or how you and your travel companions could benefit from choosing a room at Royale Boutique Hotel. While the reasons are endless, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the best of them. When choosing the places to stay on your next vacation, you’ll know each of the advantages.


Our main objective of the staff is to provide guests with personalized service. As we are much smaller than your average Holiday Inn, staff are able to cater to the needs of each guest.
The Royale Boutique Hotel takes personalization to new heights. For those staying with us, we provide high-end bath products, lighted make-up mirrors, a Spa for total relaxation, a fitness center and so much more!


While traditional, larger hotels offer very basic design and aesthetic, Royale boutique hotel will show off extraordinary architecture that is unlike other hotels you have seen in the past. This makes Royale Boutique Hotel the perfect place to take memorable photos with your family and friends.
With a stunning landscape and a pool with built in Jacuzzi, you can see from the outside just how Royale Boutique Hotel stands out from the rest. When you step inside, you’ll catch a glimpse of our staircase, and glass finish anterior, comfy sofas, with a open kitchen designed by Ferrari. However, that’s just the beginning; just wait until you walk into your rooms!


Royale Boutique Hotel has a theme that creates a cohesive atmosphere from the lobby to the restaurant to the rooms and beyond. To further extend the theme’s reach, each decoration will express the individuality of the hotel’s personality. Every inch of our
fantastic hotel brings a Homely theme to life. Our modern accommodations and futuristic vibe will have you feeling like Home away from Home.


Because boutique hotels are much smaller than chain hotels, they can occupy much smaller space. This makes it easier to build the perfect place to stay right in the heart of a city.
Located just minutes from Colombo, Royale Boutique Hotel provides guests with access to some of Colombos tourist activities.
Please consult our tour desk for more info.


One of the best perks of staying in our boutique hotel is the amount of privacy in comparison to your average hotel. The intimate setting of these facilities offer that sense of privacy, with communal spaces for those who like to mingle.
With special door hangers designed to let our staff know to stay away and allow our guests to keep relaxing, you can be sure we won’t come knocking.


When staying at a large hotel chain, you will notice that the accommodations are the same across the board: the same limp pillows, light blankets and lumpy mattresses. However, at Royale Boutique Hotel, accommodations are often much more luxurious.
The accommodations are lavish from the spa toiletries to the ultra-plush eurotop mattresses. You’ll feel like a million bucks after staying with us!


Now that you’ve seen the list of all of the exciting advantages of staying in Royale Boutique Hotel, you’re probably wondering about the cost of staying with us.The best part about us is the fact that they are very similar to average hotel pricing.
While more expensive than a motel, the prices are comparable to other area locations. If you would like to reserve your room or the entire venue, please contact us.

So now that you know all of the great perks of staying at Royale Boutique Hotel, we’re sure you’ll choose to stay with us. After all, who doesn’t like getting the very best experience for the price of the average stay? Book your stay at the most unique boutique hotel in Sri Lanka.