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A New Vision of Luxury

Grand Royale Boutique Hotel welcomes you in a real cosmopolitan, pulsing milieu, at the same time offering peace and intimate retirement, just in the heart of the city.

Timeless elegance tailored for the demands of our time; exceptional combination of magnificent architecture and divine cuisine, in perfect harmony. A range of dining experiences. beautifully built town palace joined forces for you!

Managing Director

The Hotel



Free parking

We have Own parking facilities.You can park your vehicles with our security.

Free Wi-Fi Available

We have good wi-fi Facilities free of charge.You can use wifi what everthe place in our hotel. we have super speed 4G connection

Food & Drink

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Wellness Spa

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Airport shuttle and other transportation needs

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Entertainment with our partnering outlets.

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Rooms & Suites

The Venue Features

You Can Book Also

This Venue

1.Coffee shop

2.Pool Side Restaurant

3.Wellness Spa